Sex And Our Psychological Needs

Rethinking Perspectives on Sex, Gender and Motivations behind it

Thought Catalog

Last week’s don’t-fuck-up-your-dating-life trilogy (herehere and here) was received with a lot of enthusiasm, much more than I expected. I even received a number of emails from men who, within days, implemented some of the principles in those posts by ending toxic relationships they had been maintaining with women, or finally establishing some solid boundaries.

But there was a little bit of criticism as well. And I have to admit I was taken aback by it at first. I’m used to criticism, but the lesson of these posts seemed to me so self-evident that I was surprised people were arguing against it. Most of their counterarguments came down to some form of generalizing women as being different or advantaged in dating/sexual situations.

Although I don’t believe this for a minute, it did get me thinking about an assumption a lot of men make about women…

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