Don’t Be Fooled By Weightloss Ads

I knew there was some trickery involved in many weightloss schemes. But ‘dramatic lighting’ to fake the difference in ‘selfies’ is not one I knew about. Check out this story.

A trimmer tummy in just 15 MINUTES: Personal trainer reveals tricks used by fitness industry to show how easy it is to fake a transformation

  • Australian personal trainer Melanie Ventura shows in pictures how to look skinnier in 15 minutes
  • She was motivated by the fitness industry’s unrealistic ‘two week progress’ weight loss images

These remarkable shots reveal just how easy it is to fake dramatic weight loss in just 15 minutes.

Australian personal trainer Melanie Ventura recreated her own inspirational weight loss images, posted to her blog, using some clever tricks used by the billion-dollar diet and fitness industries in before-and-after photos.

Inspired by personal trainer Andrew Dixon’s step-by-step guide to faking a dramatic transformation, Ventura posted two pictures of herself showing the difference a change of lighting and bigger underpants can make in just 15 minutes.

Another reminder, girls. Don’t fall for everything telling you your body is not good enough. Be fit and healthy, but if your body doesn’t look like the girls in the magazines, DON’T freak out.

You can use a little makeup and learn to dress for your shape. There’s no shape in wanting to feel good about how you look. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel fabulous all the time… it’s totally fine. Calm down and enjoy yourself, ladies!


Here’s another story on the same beat. Empowering but at the same time, I would hate to impress anyone with my amazing good looks only for them to be ‘disappointed’ when the makeup comes off and I look completely different.


That’s the important jist of it.  Read the rest of the story here.