Looks and Money: Gold-digger prank

Here‘s a video making a statement about women who are gold diggers. The girl turns the guy down until she sees his fancy car, then suddenly changes her mind. A bunch of people are responding to the video completely dissing the guy, making him out to be some kind of moron for asking her out ‘based solely on her looks without knowing more about her’. One suggests she could be a lunatic. So he’s as much of a prick as she is a gold digger. I disagree!

He wasn’t proposing. He was asking her out. That’s what a date is for. So I don’t see anything wrong at all in asking someone out because you find them attractive. Attractive doesn’t have to mean you are pretty. It could be something else about you that catches someone’s eye. The way you were kind to someone else in a store, the way you carry yourself, or it could in fact be your looks — which may not always be the standard kind of pretty but something he/she finds attractive.

I know there are the shallow badguys who really only care about looks. But sometimes we go so hard on this that it seems almost like you can’t ask someone out because they are pretty. I mean…. should we NOT ask someone out because we find them attractive? Don’t you want your partner to find you attractive? It’s a great starting point to date someone and find out if you find more things about them attractive, and if you are compatible together. That’s what dating is about.

I really don’t like when people push a point too far without thinking about it carefully. He can absolutely ask a girl out ON A DATE because he finds her attractive… it’s just a starting point.

About the gold digger bit, haha it sucks to be her. She did get caught in it.

It is however a fair point that in general, many guys are attracted by physical looks and girls are attracted to a man who can provide for them. So it may be a little hard to fault her completely. But I however think she made herself look quite unattractive in this transparent switch in attitude she had. If I were him, I wouldn’t be impressed either. If a man has money and has bad experience with gold diggers, it’s fair for him to react that way also. Just means her attractiveness dipped.

As a girl, if I saw a man STILL accept to go out with a woman who transparently showed herself as shallow, he’s pretty stupid and I would totally go into a men-are-stupid/ i-dont-get-it rant.

But another point to her benefit, that was not the BEST pick up line and that shirt is pretty awful.