Jettsetgo is a blog by Asha.

About Asha
In her 20s, Asha is a single girl with an addiction to fancy stationery and dreams of travelling the world. She counters her over-thinking nature with random acts of spontaneity. One day she met a boy wearing CK One and felt an animal intoxication —  suddenly she understood Ashley Judd in ‘Someone Like You’ and realised she didn’t quite know everything about herself. Life got really exciting then with so many influences to internalize and discoveries to be made.

About this blog

Wandering the web always leads to some fine nuggets of entertainment, inspiration, pain-relief and other such treats. It’s hard to keep track of all its wonders. This blog is a collection of all those things so Asha has one place to go to for giggles and warm fuzzies. It is also an outlet for musings and personal tales. It may even lead to finding like-minded souls and who can say  no to that?